Sundar Raja Market trends

Sundar Raja Market trends
Next major resistance at 12,400   -- 14 Jan 2019
Resistance1: 12,375     --    Resistance 2  : 12,400
Support:        12,335      --   Support 2 :       12,300
Nifty closed with a steady gain of 32 points.
Market is seen in  a cautious uptrend. 
Nifty in-case of a positive trend,  resistance intraday above is at 12,375.
Market has to trade above resistance for a further uptrend.
Then the next major resistance above is at 12,400.
Nifty has to close strong above 12,400, on a closing basis.
In-case of any trading below 12,335, then it indicates a minor weakness. 
Then the next support below is at  12,300.
In-case of any trading and if closes below 12,300, then it indicates a short-term correction. 

V. Sundar Raja, Research Analyst